How to monitor and troubleshoot on IBM SmartCloud Application Services.

The IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Service, which is part of IBM SmartCloud Application Services, provides access to log files, virtual machines and middleware monitoring for the virutal application pattern. I will explain how to access this information. Currently IBM SmartCloud Application Services is in pilot.

IBM SmartCloud Application Services

Using the virtual application pattern of the IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Service, you will benefit from the monitoring feature either straight from the portal or via an integration with an external ITM Server. I will briefly explain below the embedded monitoring, log files access, and the external monitoring.

Embedded Monitoring:

Then you deploy a virtual application pattern the monitoring agent is automatically installed in each virtual machine. To access it just list the virtual application instance, select your instance and click “manage”:

To monitor the virtual machine, click the virtual machine and you can monitor Memory, Processor, Network and Storage:

To monitor the middleware, click on middleware and then select the middleware: you can monitor the number of requests, service time response, Transaction Manager and others:

View Log Files:

After selecting a virtual application instance and clicking on “manage,” you can click on the “logging” menu and select the virtual machine for which you would like to see the log files.

This video demonstrates this capability:


External Monitoring:

As the ITM agent can be deployed by default, you can easily connect it to an external ITM instance. All you have to do is launch the shared service:

and specify your ITM Server.

Watch this video for a demo:


Conclusion: With the virtual application pattern you can monitor your virtual machines and check the log files from the portal or from an external ITM server.