IBM SmartCloud Application Services and DevOps methodology.

I will explain in this article via a video the DevOps methodology using IBM SmartCloud Application Services, which is currently in pilot.

The DevOps methodology consists of a number of use cases to manage application development. DevOps covers three areas, development, quality insurance, and technology operation: IBM SmartCloud Application Services helps with all three. Adopting DevOps will provide a reduced change scope, increase release coordination, and speed automation.

To understand this methodology and how you can apply it in your own IT division with SCAS watch:


You can also watch this video showing how to create new projects in the IBM SmartCloud Application Collaborative Lifecycle Management Service:


This video demonstrates how to use the IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Service from Rational Application Developer:


Conclusion: IBM SmartCloud Application Services gives you all the necessary services to follow the DevOps methodology. This, in turn, will improve your team efficiency, collaboration, and quality, while creating new applications and increasing the speed of your applications to market.