Use “SCAWS pattern deployer” on Eclipse to deploy pattern and applications (v1.1.1)

I just released a version of the “SCAWS pattern deployer” plugin which allows you to deploy SCAWS pattern from Eclipse (Video available)

– Bug Fix: A Bug prevented to deploy EAR, WAR, ZIP… FILE was ok.

– Bug Fix: New files composing EAR, WAR, ZIP wasn’t detected correctly.

– Improve error handling.

– Remove navigation in the context menu.


The ‘SCAWS pattern deployer’ allows you to connect to one or multiple SCAWS instances, retrieves the available patterns, deploy and delete them.
SCAWS pattern deployerIf the pattern has artifacts, the tool can upload new version of the artifact in the pattern instance or pattern.
SCAWS pattern deployer ArtifactThe tool can monitor your local copy of the artifact and can automatically upload them on the pattern instance if a new version of them is generated.
The artifacts are not limited to EAR/WAR/JAR/OSGi files, they can be any type of files.
In the plugin, you can define also a directory as artifact and in that cases, the plugin will compress the file as a EAR/WAR/JAR or ZIP file.

Going beyond this plugin using RationalApplication Developer.

This plugin is provided AS-IS and with no warranty and has a limited integration with development environment for J2EE application. If you are looking for a supported product or a fully integrated environment for J2EE, please investigate Rational Application Developer which provides out of the box an integrated plugin, the Workload Deployer. For more

Pattern Started

The plugin can be downloaded from the SCE Asset Catalog here, in order to download it you will need to have an access to SmartCloud Enterprise (for more information follow this link).

A forum has been created for Q&A here (SCE Access requested).