Synology DSM NAS

Manually install WordPress on Synology DSM NAS

As my current web-hoster raised significantly my yearly subscription arguing that they are improving the provided services (which services I don’t used), I decided to host my wordpress site on my Synology DSM NAS and find a more cheaper hoster providing me only a DNS service as it is all I need.

I also used the Synlogy DDNS to redirect my domain to my Synology DSM and open the port 80/443 on my router.

Basically, I have followed this article to install WordPress version 5.4.2.

When entering the database access in the ‘Famous 5 minutes install’, I had first to go in the ‘Web Station’->’PHP Setting’, select your PHP profile, click edit and check ‘mysqli’ and use localhost:/run/mysqld/mysqld10.sock.

I also checked ‘curl’ as without that extension, I was not able to download new plugin versions (no available transport).

Last, I sshed my synology, changed to directory /web and change the owner and group recusively to ‘http’.
sudo chown -R http; chgrp -R http

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