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Reusable assets in IBM PureApplication System and IBM SmartCloud Application Services

This article is also valid for IBM SmartCloud Application Services!

Summary:  Reusable components provide a method by which domain experts can capture their knowledge of an enterprise system into reusable components that can be easily consumed by users creating new application patterns. This article describes the use of reusable components and application templates within IBM® PureApplication™ System. Learn about processes that can be used to accelerate the development life cycle and provide consistent implementations across deployments. Continue Reading ->

IBM Cloud IBM SmartCloud Application Services

How to populate SmartCloud Application Workload Services with the available SCE images

When you enable the SCAWS service, by default, only few images or none are available for virtual system. IBM provides a number of images for R1.0 but you have to import them from the SmartCloud Enterprise catalogue.

IBM PureApplication System IBM SmartCloud Application Services

How to setup your SCAS/IWD/PureApp plugin development environment?

The IWD technology is used in different IBM products such as IBM SmartCloud Application Services (SCAS) and IBM PureApplication (part of the PureSystems product line).

This technology uses patterns to deploy application and the underlying infrastructure. Pattern-types defines the rules to design patterns. SCAS out of the box provides pattern-types such as the “Web Application” or the “Java” pattern-types. Developers wrote the plugins which define the pattern-types.