Pattern-type (Part 22): Create a component which doesn’t generate a VM.

In the previous article (here), I explained how to create a component that generates one or more VMs. In this one, I will explain a method to create a component which doesn’t generate VM but interacts with another one via a link. You can find a use case of this in the WebApp pattern where you are able to add extra “archive file” to a WAS via the “Extra Archive File” component. Continue reading

Pattern-type (Part 19): internationalization and localization of Pattern-type

When you create a new plugin, you could have noticed that a “locales” directory is created by the plug-in project wizard in the appmodel directory. This directory can contains the messages in different languages. Here how it works. Continue reading

Pattern-type (Part 18): Create multiple VMs for the same component

I got a question: “Can I create multiple VMs for a given component?”. Imagine you have an application component that needs extra VMs if some policies are set! I don’t want to bother the pattern designer with some extra rules and tell him “if you define this policy you absolutely need to add an extra VM in order to manage this policy”. Continue reading

Pattern-type (Part 13): How to create shared services for IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Service

Let’s imagine you would like to manage a pool of resources, each resource are not sharable and thus a pattern can request a resource at deployment time and return the resource during its deletion.
To reach that goal, you can create, what we call, a shared service. The shared service will manage the pool of resources and provide basic functionality such as ‘get a resource’, ‘return a resource’. Continue reading

How to use the Elastic Load Balancer provided by the IBM SmartCloud Application Services

The IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Service provides an ‘Elastic Load Balancer’ service or also called ‘ELB’. In this article, and thanks to the help provided by Thomas Mikalsen, I will explain how to setup it. Continue reading

Pattern-type (Part 1): Create step-by-step a simple pattern-type with SmartCloud Application Workload Services

After reading this article ‘Create and customize virtual application patterns‘ and as being an IT Architect, my first question was ‘How difficult it is to create a pattern type?’. So, I started for my first pattern type ever with a very simple scenario ‘A standalone server’ and try to build a pattern type for it. I know this scenario is very simplistic but it helps to understand the different concepts behind the pattern-type. Other articles will follow with more complex scenarios. I recommend each beginner to start with such scenario as it will teach you the basic concepts, the deployment process, the troubleshooting possibility… Continue reading

Portability between IBM SmartCloud Application Services and other IBMPureSystems/IWD is a reality!

I will demonstrate in this video how to port a virtual application pattern created in IBM SmartCloud Application Services (currently in pilot) to the IBM PureApplication System or IBM Workload Deployer. Continue reading

Using the IBM Workload Plug-in Development Kit

Summary:  Learn to set up the samples environment in Eclipse, create new projects from the command line, build a single plug-in and pattern type with command-line tools, and develop a plug-in with the Eclipse framework. This article provides some basic toolkit operations. The companion article, Create and customize virtual application patterns, describes how to get started with the IBM Workload Plug-in Development Kit (PDK).

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