Pattern-type (Part 19): internationalization and localization of Pattern-type

When you create a new plugin, you could have noticed that a “locales” directory is created by the plug-in project wizard in the appmodel directory. This directory can contains the messages in different languages. Here how it works.Here the structure of the appmodel directory:SCAWS internationalization and localization localesThe messages.json in the locales directory is the default value to all message reference. This file is a JSON object of key/value pairs. The key will be the reference key for the message and the value the string to display.
The messages.json files located in the sub-directories will be used depending on the browser settings (ie: fr, en, es,….).

Here an example:
The default messages.json contains for example:

The fr/messages.json contains for example:

How to reference them:
For example if I use the message key in a label of a metadata.json as:
“id”: “Master”,
“type”: “component”,
“attributes”: [
“id”: “myString”,
“type”: “string”,
“required”: false,
“label”: “My String”
“label”: “MASTER_LABEL”

and if I setup my browser for french language, I will see in the VAB while selecting the Master component:
SCAWS Internationalization and localization Master French