Manually install WordPress on Synology DSM NAS

If you want to host your wordpress site on your Synology DSM NAS, you will only need an DNS server where you can register your Synology DDNS name and open your router on port 80 and 443.

Basically, I have followed this article to install WordPress version 5.4.2.

When entering the database access in the ‘Famous 5 minutes install’, I had first to go in the ‘Web Station’->’PHP Setting’, select your PHP profile, click edit and check ‘mysqli’ and use localhost:/run/mysqld/mysqld10.sock.

I also checked ‘curl’ as without that extension, I was not able to download new plugin versions (no available transport).

Last, I sshed my synology, changed to directory /web and change the owner and group recusively to ‘http’.
sudo chown -R http; chgrp -R http

Pattern-type (Part 22): Create a component which doesn’t generate a VM.

In the previous article (here), I explained how to create a component that generates one or more VMs. In this one, I will explain a method to create a component which doesn’t generate VM but interacts with another one via a link. You can find a use case of this in the WebApp pattern where you are able to add extra “archive file” to a WAS via the “Extra Archive File” component. Continue reading