IBM Application Pattern Type for Java: RAP application on Jetty

I read this article on developerWorks: Deploying into the cloud with the IBM Application Pattern for Java which I found very interesting. It explains how to deploy a Java application in SCAS. The author demonstrates how to setup a Tomcat environment and how to install its application on it.
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Your own pattern-type in few steps!

I wrote an article on: 
Please read this to setup your development environment: How to setup your SCAS/IWD/PureApp plugin development environment?

IBM PureApplication can provide you out of the box a number of pattern-types; you can also upload new pattern-types at IBM PureSystems Center but what about if you want to create your own pattern-type that describe your own application environment!

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Pattern-type (Part 12): Call a service to insert parameters in the vm topology.

The provided Java API has a number of interfaces, one of them is the PostProvisioner on which I already wrote a blog (Pattern-type (Part 11): Add a post processor to a deployment) another one is the ServiceProvisioner. With this interface you can insert parameter value in the vm topology. Continue reading

Pattern-type (Part 11): Add a post processor to a deployment

Imagine, you would like to take any actions once the deployment of a pattern is completed. This is possible because the solution offer a PostProvisioner interface that you can register and make it run after the deployment. Continue reading

Manage your WebApp virtual application pattern from Rational Application Developer

Using the IBM Workload Deployer plugin provided with RAD, you can deploy a web application virtual application pattern directly from the RAD environment. Here I will explain the steps to install this plugin. Continue reading

How to use the Elastic Load Balancer provided by the IBM SmartCloud Application Services

The IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Service provides an ‘Elastic Load Balancer’ service or also called ‘ELB’. In this article, and thanks to the help provided by Thomas Mikalsen, I will explain how to setup it. Continue reading

Pattern-type (Part 10): Attach a storage to a virtual machine on SmartCloud Application Services

I was wondering how I can add a storage to a virtual machine generated from a pattern-type developed on SmartCloud Application Workload Service and, in fact, it is very simple and easy. Continue reading

Elasticity – Unprecedented Automation & Simplicity in the PureApplication System

By Binh Nguyen on

One issue with cloud centric applications is how to effectively and efficiently deploy the applications that provides elasticity or on-demand scalability. The IBM PureApplication System provides a unique way to scale Web applications according to traffic and performance, simplifying the deployment experience, and releasing the administrators from the manual and time consuming error-prone configurations.

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