How to setup your SCAS/IWD/PureApp plugin development environment?

The IWD technology is used in different IBM products such as IBM SmartCloud Application Services (SCAS) and IBM PureApplication (part of the PureSystems product line).

This technology uses patterns to deploy application and the underlying infrastructure. Pattern-types defines the rules to design patterns. SCAS out of the box provides pattern-types such as the “Web Application” or the “Java” pattern-types. Developers wrote the plugins which define the pattern-types.
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Is pattern enabled infrastructure design put IT architects out of job?

Architect are requested to create the operation model to represent the infrastructure that will support the application.

Now, the question is: With pattern oriented solutions, does an architect still have to create an operational model or is the architect still need to be part of a project once it comes the time of the infrastructure design? Should all infrastructure architect need to be assign to other tasks?  Do we still need operation model as we have patterns ready for different types of workload (ie: webapp, database, Java…). See all existing pattern for the IBM Workload Deployer solution at the PureSystems Center. Continue reading