IBM Impact2012 D+2: Ricoh Cloud Print on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

The day started with the breakfast ‘help yourself and take a seat’….

At noon, I listen the Ricoh presentation about their printing solution on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise.

Ricoh presented a solution based on HotSpot. This solution proposes a small app to locate the available printer next to you. With mobile devices, the geolocalization can be used to find the nearest printer.

Depending on the level of requested security, authentication via an LDAP can be done toward the print server, a ‘release code’ for print job is provided upon request. The user goes to the printer enter the ‘release code’ and the document is printed from the print server and so meanwhile the document is kept securely on the printer server.

This solution can be used on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise by installing a software printer server providing the connection between your servers (in the cloud or not) and the physical printers. The print server forward the document to the configured printer, again integration with LDAP can be done or ‘release code’ option can be offered to get a more secured environment. The printing request can be done from a server in the cloud or a device outside the cloud.

For more information please visit Ricoh: HotSpot – Mobile Printing