New API on SCAS 1.1

SCAS 1.1 is generally available and I would like to share with you a new API which is part of this new release allowing you to choose the billing options while launching the deployment of your pattern.

A description of this API can be found here in the on-line help. Using this API you can retrieve all billing options flavors (BYOL/PAYG, Server Sizes and Monthly/Hourly billing).

In fact this API is the same as the one you will use to deploy a pattern but you have to add a extra parameters “getBillingOptions:true” to get the different flavors. It returns the list of flavors and a recommended flavor.

In a second step, you will use the same API but you will specify now the flavor you would like to use by adding the parameters: "typeOverrides","licenseOverrides" and "billingOverrides" for each roles. If the parameters are not provided, the recommended flavor will be used.

NB: If you use these API on IWD or IPAS, the pattern will be directly deployed as the “getBillingOptions” parameters will be ignored. So, if you want to create an app which is valid on multiple platforms, you need to find a way to identify on which platform you are running. The “version” API provides a “product” field but unfortunately for SCAWS the product value is still “IWD”, so another way is to check the cloudGroup via the API “clouds/{id}” where id equal “1”, this will return an object with an element “vendor” containing the value “SCE”. Also as this is a new API, you have to check the IWD version, here some code I used to check that:

String version = versionResponse.getString("version");
String vendor = cloudGroup.getString("vendor");
if ("SCE".equals(vendor)
&& version.compareTo("") > 0) {
// Use billing options
} else {
// for IWD/IPAS or earlier SCAWS version.