SCAS 1.1 offers pattern templates to run Derby, Tomcat and JMeter

On SCAS 1.1, you can find now pattern templates to run Derby, Tomcat 7.0.27 and JMeter 2.7.First, let’s recap what is a template: When you create a pattern based on a pattern-type, you have the possibility to save it as a template. The template can be reused as based to create new pattern or template. The template will appear in the list of template for a given pattern-type when you create a new pattern (see picture below) but a template doesn’t appear in the list of available pattern and thus can not be deployed.
SCAWS Java Pattern-Type TemplatesOften, templates are created because the designer doesn’t have all information or assets to complete the pattern and thus the user can complete the template to create the final pattern.
It is the case with these three new templates, for each template the product distribution is missing and you have to download it yourself from the official website and then upload it in the pattern.

Let’s take for example the Derby template:
SCASWS Java Pattern-Type Derby Templateand let’s have a look at property of the “Apache Derby” component:

SCAWS Java Pattern-Type Derby Component PropertyYou see that the archive file is missing, however the command to launch Derby is already set. The port 1527 is open, the log file identified and thus they will be visible from the UI…

You can find a short description on each template by navigating to “Catalog”->”Virtual Application Templates”, then select “Application Pattern Type for Java” and select the template you would like to investigate.