Load the WorklightStarter sample application on Worklight Studio

This article explains how to import the WorklightStarter project into your Worklight Studio installation. This is part of a series of article explaining the usage of the “IBM Mobile Application Platform Pattern” on the IBM SmartCloud Application Service. Go on Worklight Trial on SmartCloud Application Service page to get register!

This is quite simple, once installed the Worklight Developer Edition, go to the “Getting Started

Select “Additional resource” and then download the “IBM Worklight Starter application”.
WLSCAWS IBM Worklight Starter ApplicationImport it as usual in your “Worklight Developer Edition” environment as an existing project from an archive.

Please verify that in the “adapter” file: /WorklightStarter/adapters/WorklightStarterAdapter/WorklightStarterAdapter.xml the “www.engadget.com” is referenced and not only “engadget.com”

If you have questions, please read this.