How to setup Eclipse to develop Web App for IBM SmartCloud Application Service

It is very easy to setup an eclipse environment (Indigo or Juno) to develop Web Application for IBM SmartCloud Application Service.
For the time being IBM SmartCloud Application Service (Workload Service) provides WebSphere Application Server version 7.x and of course to be able to develop an application for this platform you will need the stub. The stub is provided by installing the WebSphare Application Server on your laptop which make non-sense! Why using the cloud if you have to install an application server on your laptop in order to make some development!
Luckily, you can install the WebSphere Application Server Development Tool (WDT) instead of installing a full WebSphere Application Server and this is very easy and can be done in few steps!

1) Open the website: then go on Download.

2) Select:WebSphere Application Server Developer Tool for Eclipse
3) Download one of the proposed Eclipse environment.
4) Unzip the downloaded file in your preferred directory.
5) Launch Eclipse.
6) Once Eclipse is launched, come back on the page and drag and drop the WAS 7.0 ‘Install’ button on the tool bar of your Eclipse environment
WDT Install7) Follow the installation instructions.

Now you can create, for example, a Web project, right-click New->Web Project. WDT WebProjectNameClick Next and select for example Web ModuleWDT WebProjectTarget

and Finish and you are done.